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Hello Training for Ultra fans!

My name is Alyssa Clark and I am an American Ultrarunner temporarily based in Panama City Beach, FL. You may know me from T4U Episode 136, 100 Marathons in 100 Days, where Rob and I discuss my latest running adventure that I began due to the Covid pandemic. I am traditionally a mountain and trail runner, but when the pandemic began to cause many race cancellations, I turned to a new adventure.

At the time, my husband, a US Navy Officer, and I were stationed in Naples, Italy. Italy was completely locked down by the pandemic, beginning mid-March, in order to stave off the rapidly spreading disease. We went from moving freely around the country, to total closure. In a matter of days, we were unable to leave our house except to drive to and from work, the grocery store, or the hospital. That meant no running, walking, biking, or any form of exercise outside the home. Police roamed the roads, checking papers we had to carry with us to justify our movements. If we were caught being where we should not be, we could be fined or arrested. My husband and I were used to being out in the mountains every weekend. But, now, we were confined to our home and small backyard, staring at our climbing and running equipment wondering when we would be free again. Little did I know, the answer for adventure would come from a rickety old treadmill sitting in an empty upstairs room. When we were first given it, I did not know if the treadmill could last ten miles, let alone 26.2 day after day. It started with a way to count down the days to being released from lock down, and became an adventure that would take me through three countries, three states and 2,489 miles.

Rob and I began this website as a platform to tell stories of adventure. During these challenging times, the running community has been presented with an opportunity to be creative and find our own races, trails, FKTs, hikes, and personal bests. Training for Adventure seeks to highlight these stories and provide up to date information on the goings on of the adventure world. We strive to use this platform as a means to bring the community together, to provide further education and help others achieve their wildest goals and dreams.

Personally, my adventures this year have looked vastly different than I ever anticipated. I never would have taken on the challenge of consecutive marathons without the strange opportunities the pandemic has presented. From a marathon in a dust storm, to 40+ marathons on a treadmill, each marathon was memorable to say the least. Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about one of my most bizarre marathons, one run at 1am on a German Air Force base, in the middle of moving across the world.

We are always looking for submissions of inspiring articles, videos or photos. If you have a piece to share, please reach out to alyssaclark@trainingforultra.com We are open to all adventures!

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