• Alyssa Clark

Training with Art

Updated: Oct 2

By Alyssa Clark in collaboration with Brittany Charboneau

Have you ever wondered what goes through a runner's mind during long runs or intense training? Brittany Charboneau has an answer she's happy to share. Training 4 Adventure is thrilled to share Brittany's work, combining her passion for running, comedy and art. A true multi-talented athlete, Brittany creates composite images from thoughts and images she creates while running. She has shared these images with us along with her thoughts and the training period she was in during the creation. Please enjoy these fantastic pieces and Brittany's recordings.

"Moms Spaghetti"

"I Love Running, I Do!"

"My Spirit Mobile!"

"Flying at My Dreams!"

If you'd like to find out more about Brittany check out her website at:


or follower her @funnyrunner26.2

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