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Top 10 - Hardest 200 Milers on the Planet

Top 10 list of the Hardest 200 milers on the planet - Coming Soon!

Training For Adventure - T4A Race Score

We have all done the google search, “Hardest Ultramarathons in the World” or something similar, trying to find the next race to challenge us. We have also been underwhelmed by the results that are never really verifiable, but tend to be more nebulous and anecdotal. As we here at Training For Adventure begin to share articles, we have developed racecourse factors into a single race ranking score system. This is what we call our "T4A Score". These are both quantifiable but also include other qualitative measures too in a systematic way.

Races change every year, so not only is it difficult to measure these in a single year, but conditions and courses are variable year-to-year. Official race website stats can vary from actual stats and we have used our best estimate within our system. The races we have included are races that have been run for at least one year and have at least one finisher per year. This is not a perfect system, but nonetheless, it is a system we have developed to help you better understand your goals and how your races compare to one and other. Shortly, we will release a Top 10 list of the Hardest 200 milers on the planet. We will also be releasing an up and coming list of 200 milers set to begin in the fall of 2020 or 2021 in order to increase awareness of this growing race distance. But this is just the starting point, and we’re excited to apply our systematic approach to other races in the near future. We think to create a list of hardest races, we must break them into several categories and think distance categories are a logical way to do so.

Our very first list will be released this week and we hope that you find the results interesting. There will be disagreements over our findings and that is fine with us! We are by no means the authority on this topic but will share our findings soon. Best, Training For Adventure

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