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200 Milers Coming 2020-2021

Updated: Aug 18


200 Milers Coming 2020-2021

By Alyssa Clark

For those who have completed our top ten toughest 200 mile races, or are looking for a new challenge, we have compiled a list of up and coming 200 milers. These races represent a variety of elevation, climate and terrain and are sure to become staples to the 200 racing circuit. While we cannot cover every new race, here is a taste of what’s to come. I personally will be taking on the Across Florida 200 as a means to explore my temporary home. I normally am a mountain runner, but am excited to take part in a running heavy 200. The races are listed in order of the expected start dates.

Good luck and happy training!

Outerbelt Ultra

Oct 15-18 2020

A circumnavigation of the City of Chicago, the Outerbelt Ultra follows the entirety of the 210 mile Chicago Outerbelt Trail. A scenic take on experiencing the city of Chicago, with only 1,652ft of climbing, this will be a fast and fun ultra.

Race Website: http://www.outerbeltultras.com/1448/outerbelt-ultras/

Across Florida 200

Nov 12-15th 2020

A brand new event in Florida, Across Florida takes runners from the West Coast of Florida on a journey of 110 miles of the Florida Trail, 30 miles of state park trail, 40 miles or dirt roads 14 miles of roads, 6 miles of beach and ends in beautiful St. Augustine on the East Coast. With only 3500ft of climbing, this is sure to be a fast event.

Race Website: https://www.argeorgia.com/acrossflorida200

Go Big 260

Dec 31-Jan 3 2020-2021

If you’ve ever wanted to circumnavigate the Big Island of Hawaii, now is the chance. The Go Big 260 travels 260 miles with 18,000ft of climbing on 100% pavement taking a tour of the Big Island and the beautiful Hawaii landscape. With no aid stations and warm temperatures, this will be a challenging and rewarding experience.

Race Website: https://hawaiimountainrunning.com/2020/06/03/go-big-100-260-miler/

Tour De Los Tejas

Feb 5-15 2021

A tour of everything Texas, the 185 mile Tour De Los Tejas brings runners through the Texan landscape to experience culture, food, state parks and more. With approx 7,000ft of elevation, the Tour is a chance to see what it’s like to be a Texan.

Race Website: http://www.trailracingovertexas.com/tour-de-los-tejas

Tunnel Ultra

March 5-8 2021

A truly twisted experience, the Tunnel Ultra takes place in Bath, England entirely inside a tunnel. With little to no light, no music or other distractions, runners must take approximately 100 out and back laps to complete the 200 miler. A test for the most wonky and determined ultra runner.

Race Website: http://www.thetunnelultra.com/home/4594217588

Cocodona 250

May 3-8 2021

A tour of the most beautiful areas of Arizona, the Cocodona 250 is a 254.5 mile race with 37,500ft of climbing and predominantly single or double track. Visiting major state parks and landmarks of Arizona, the Cocodona presents a challenging and rewarding experience to the mountain loving ultra runner.

Race Website: https://cocodona.com/

Orcas Island 200

May 5-9 approx. 2021

Located in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, Orcas Island 200 promises a heavy climbing course, with over 60,000ft of elevation gain over 206.2 miles. With several mountain summits, spectacular views of the seas, islands and lakes, the Orcas Island will leave quads and hamstrings tired but happy.

Race Website: https://www.destinationtrailrun.com/orcas-island-200mile.html

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